I intend to update on Fridays but setting up social media and working on the edit has gotten me excited (and caused me to sleep poorly), so I thought I’d give it another post before the next scheduled one.

A little bit of background on the book:

I started writing Caligation on the 7th of March 2013 (I’d set out the planning using the snowflake method in January, but I’ll share more about that in a later post) and finished the first draft 5 months later. I tend to blow through the writing phase very quickly, and then spend time focussing on the editing.  Since then, it’s been through at least four full edits (including having some proofreading and editorial suggestions by others) and is now on it’s fifth and final one.

The most time-consuming, but most fun was my read-aloud edit, which I definitely recommend any writer does. It really helps get rid of filler words (again, I’ll make a full post on that at some stage as well) and makes sure your dialogue comes out right.

I’m going to have a few more friends (and fellow writers) read through it after this just to make sure I haven’t missed anything (I’ve found when writing you’ve always missed something) and then I’ll be managing researching my publishing sites while struggling headlong with my final study and work in my chosen industry.

A little bit on the future:

For those of you that are curious, I have chosen Createspace – Amazon’s publisher – who I will be using primarily for Kindle distribution. For print-on-demand and distribution of other eBooks, I will be using Ingram Spark as the quality of their printed books is great.

I’ve chosen this method rather than an independent publishing company in order to keep my overheads low. As I enter my new career/last of my training, I’ll be both time and money poor so publishing in this manner is a great way to achieve my goals without employing an agency.

That’s a bit of background for those that are curious. If you’ve had any experience with these sites or have any questions, comment or email.

PS – keep an eye out for Friday’s post, I’ll be putting up some writing (a little spookiness for your Friday 13)

tl;dr: I’m using Createspace and Ingram Spark for my publishing. Also novels take a long time to finish.

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