So today I was hoping for a little feedback. I have some  ideas of things I’d like to write about. In fact, I have these saved in a little note on my phone, which I add to whenever a new idea strikes. But I’d love to be able to write about topics specifically chosen by you guys.

So here’s a little list of things I can talk, generally, about. If you would like to see me write on something specific, please feel free to contact me (under the ‘contact’ link above) or message me on Facebook or Instagram.

  • Writing tips (these are endless, but if there’s anything specific, let me know).
  • Writing process (I’ve been over some things generally, but I’d love to talk in more detail on things).
  • Tabletop RPGs (I’ve posted about this previously, but I can give a better introduction for newbies, or a more detailed chat about games we’ve played, depending on what you guys would like to see).
  • Video games.
  • Media (my personal opinions on books, TV series, movies, etc).
  • Time-management (how to write while your life is hectic).
  • Whatever else you want to think of.

If left to my own devices, I will no doubt get to some of this on my own, but I would much prefer to take requests if you have a burning question for me, or even just a preference.

tl;dr: I would like to hear from you, the audience.

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