I’ve been ill and busy so I don’t have a blog post for you guys. However, this week I’ll be highlighting some nice writing insights (And may do the same next week). This post is on conflict and has some interesting observations and handy advice.

The Engineer: Book 1 of the Chronicles of Actaeon


At the beginning of The Engineer, Actaeon Rellios is already immersed in some serious conflict.  Raiders with crosses painted on their faces have captured him and are escorting him through the ruins of Redemption – taking him somewhere unknown.  The reader has no idea who these cross-faced raiders are and comes to find out that neither does Actaeon.

It is a mystery that continues to hound Actaeon throughout The Engineer as he has more encounters with these people whose motives are unknown and quite enigmatic.  Further complicating that is the fact that anytime he comes close to capturing one of the cross-faced raiders, they take their own life first.

The first scene plunges the reader into immediate conflict and hopefully engages them with the story.  As a writer, it helps me as well, because I’m not burdened with the dull task of explaining the entirety of the world, the cultures…

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