Just a bit of an update about where I’m at and a few of the changes to the timeline I set for myself.


As with most things in life, plans often never remain intact for long. I know I said I’d have a pre-sale this month and release Caligation on June 3rd but that’s not going to happen at this stage.

This isn’t a problem for me as I’m self-publishing, so I get to set my own rules and I can push the dates around as I please. So! I’ve had some setbacks around editing. This means my final edit (which I had not intended to do but is probably for the best) is taking longer than expected.

What that means is that my publication date is now unclear. I just need to get this last edit complete and upload it to my distributors and then I’m done. At that point, I’ll let you all know because, a month from that date, I will have my launch.

I’ll be setting up a Facebook event and getting things together so there’ll be plenty of time to organise myself. But, for now, hang tight and I’ll give you an update a month out from publication.

While this is happening I may be a little slow on blog posts. I’ll definitely have some content up each week but more than likely I’ll be sharing some advice from some fellow authors, rather than writing up my own.

In the meantime, why not sign up to my mailing list to read the prologue and first chapter.

tl;dr – Editing is a long process.

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