Design Services

I offer reasonably-priced graphic design services for book covers and promotional material. I have done the design for this site, as well as for my own books (examples below). Please note that I do not do custom drawings/paintings, but am happy to find my own (license-free) images or use ones provided by you.



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Price List

All prices in AUD. Please contact me directly if you require something not on the list.

  • 1x book ‘photograph’ – $5

[Includes your own cover image placed onto a physical picture of a book]

  • 1x Business card design – $15

[Includes basic 1225×700 image suitable for standard-size printed business cards]

  • 1x Black logo – $15

[Includes basic 1700×2000 .png (transparent background) image suitable for imprints and publisher logos]

  • 1x Promotional poster – $15

[Includes basic 600×800 or 1200×1600 image]

  • 1x Basic eBook cover design – $20

[Includes basic 1600×2560 image suitable for eBook and Kindle]

  • 1x IngramSpark cover and formatting – $50*

[Includes customised front, back and spine on Ingram’s template ready for upload]

  • 1x CreateSpace cover and formatting – $50*

[Includes customised front, back and spine on CS’s template ready for upload]

  • Website images/Wordpress site design – price to be negotiated

[Please contact me if you would like a basic WordPress page setup]


*If you’re after both an Ingram and CS in the one order, I can discount to $80.

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